Louise Stobart established Birdwoods in 1991 on their farm in Mazoe, using her designs to create a wide range of unique metal sculptures.

In July 2003 Bruce, Louise and their three children were forcibly evicted from their farm and relocated to New Zealand, however they are still very much part of the story visiting Zimbabwe every year to buy stock for their gallery in Havelock, New Zealand.

The Birdwoods craftsmen and their families relocated to Harare in 2003 from where many sculptures are exported around the world every year.

In 2004 Birdwoods proudly exhibited in all 80 Louis Vuitton shops in celebration of 150 years of LVMH.

Now under the direction of Joy Denton, Birdwoods continues to thrive and expand its range of original sculptures. Whilst Birdwoods designs have created a whole industry of poor quality copies throughout Southern Africa, Joy and her team persist with their quest for perfection with accurate reproductions of mammals, birds and reptiles together with numerous abstract, fun and constantly evolving designs.

Birdwoods works closely with local shipping companies to both air and sea freight orders around the world. All the export documentation will be done on the customer's behalf.

The business continues to innovate. Zimbabwe has a very talented pool of artists, many of whom do not have the means to promote their art to a worldwide audience. Birdwoods will seek out the best of this talent and feature their work on this site.

Birdwoods has weathered the challenges of a decade of instability in Zimbabwe and the current wider global environment and continues satisfy its discerning customers throughout Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, whilst at the same time providing rewarding livelihoods for its craftsmen and their families.